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Paranormal Investigations

In life, people may encounter experiences or occurrences that they do not understand, find frightening, or confusing, may not believe are real, or may feel they are going crazy. Keep in mind, not all of these occurrences are bad. Situations may vary. It has been our experience that situations like this do occur and are very real and do vary to a degree. 

As based on our prior investigations, producing evidence in photography, EVPs, and bearing witness personally to those occurrences and specific events, we do not doubt what is fact based. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring you and your family comfort, peace, healing, and understanding to what you are feeling and going through. We remove, extinguish, all negative energies or entities and return them to their rightful place. Not all experiences are worst case scenarios, as these are varied energies and investigations are not one shoe fits all. Our goal is to restore peace, balance, joy, and harmony to your voice. As situations vary, we are equipped to provide solutions.

We are not just paranormal investigators, we are healers. Our team is composed of intuitive mediums, channelers, clergy, demonologists, and reiki masters. All of which are powerful experts in connecting with energies, having the knowledge, expertise, and intuition to move, diminish, bind and cross energies through a combination of understanding science, metaphysics, and spirituality. 

It's imperative to not only work on the space the negative energies are taking over, but as well as the person who is living within those spaces. Our reiki master will meet with the client to expel any negative attachments after our investigation. 

We respect all believe systems, have studied many cultures, and will use the methods we feel suit your needs the best, while respecting you and your belief system. 

Our Services:

Removing negative attachments:

As human sponges we are often infiltrated but other peoples past traumas, energies, emotions, or situations we have not fully released or resolved. Additionally, those that we surround ourselves with and our living situations can contribute to the negative attachments. These attachments can be removed and we will continue to support and guide you in any way we can.

Crossing over loved ones:

Not all situations are extreme, severe, or malevolent, but may be uncomfortable. These may be earth bound 'human souls' who have not transitioned into their final resting place. We will communicate with earthbound souls and assist them with finding peace by raising their vibration and helping them ascend. 

Closing portals:

Certain locations contain an entrance and exit for various types of energies. Sometimes it is a specific high energy location, others may have been created. We will close, bind, and seal these locations. 

Poltergeist/extreme lower vibration frequency removal:

This is when a person or groups of people are experiencing severe activity that is frightening. Shadows or negative presences are seen, felt, or heard. Unexplained activity, or dramatic changes in someones behavior, may be present and  these things may start subtle and escalate. These situations and occurrences can be brought on by many different things, we will conduct an initial interview to get to the root of the problem. During this interview, we will a series of questions while we do a walk through of the space. These questions will help us create a plan of action on how to move forward.  After the investigation is complete, we stay in touch with our clients. We provide directives, instructions, tools, all in accordance with your spiritual beliefs. Your healing, happiness, and return to balance and peace is our main concern.


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