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Michelle A Tierney –
Intuitive Medium

Michelle A. Tierney is an intuitive medium with over 35 years of experience who was born and raised in Connecticut. She is a mother, a grandmother, a friend, and a sister. She is someone who respects nature and finds beauty and purpose in all all walks of life. 

Michelle first embraced her gift since she was a child and since then, she has studied various religions, beliefs and cultures.

 Having a sincere appreciation and respect for all people. The beauty within us all. 

"We are all one."

 "I view this world as a vast beautiful garden created and composed of all kinds of people, Their cultural beliefs, practices, history, artwork, food, celebrations etc. This is a gift that was given to us all. Not to be judged or to create division but to enhance the beauty of the garden. As a gardener, The more variety of what I plant brings it's own intricate uniqueness while contributing to the overall vibrance and beauty of it.

 This is how I have always viewed the world around me."

This page is dedicated to the truthful, caring, positive energies that surround us on a daily basis. Who love us unconditionally and want very much to guide, support, connect and help us with our daily lives and any challenges that we may face. As well as celebrate our victories and times of joy.

"Greetings all, My name is Michelle. I am an intuitive medium/spiritual advisor. Through countless experience's both personal and in meeting with people, I have found great comfort and support in respecting, acknowledging, listening  and communicating with these energies  and I am very specific in how I go about this.

Nothing brings me greater joy and happiness then knowing that I have helped to bring comfort, healing and support to so many throughout the years.

I have been reading Oracle and Tarot for well over 35 years and work with multiple decks. I began with studying The Angelic realm and have since studied a variety of subjects in relation to what I use. Shamanism, Animal totems/Medicine, Elementals, Lemurian, Light Workers and more. Currently I am studying The Tao and Runes.

I am available for readings and can do long distance readings via Zoom or FB chats. Please visit the contact page to set up an appointment.

 I am a Paranormal Investigator  as well and have worked numerous case's. I am fortunate to have a wonderful team with Pagan Paranormal Research in association with The Ed and Lorraine Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research.

 Often it is difficult for people to understand what is going on in their home,work environment or with other people in their lives.

If you feel you may be experiencing something you do not understand please reach out.


I do house Blessings and cleansings. This is often imperative when moving into somewhere new or when the energy becomes stagnant or creates blockages in your home.

Please stay tuned for upcoming events , articles and my mixture of Spiritual and nature photography.


Sending blessings of all good things and whatever is needed for you and yours for your highest and greatest good.

Always in All ways~


May you keep a knowing & Belief that you are highly protected & never alone.

Peace to all~

Areas covered include:

Oracle and Tarot card readings.






Spiritual Advising 

Paranormal investigations






Home and office cleansing and blessings.

Essence of Angels LLC

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